We are one of the leading manufacturers of Softwood / Pinewood, Hardwood and Plywood Pallets in India. We offer a wide range of pallets specially designed and are extensively used in various industries for different purposes. We manufacture pallets using high grade raw materials. We manufacture two type of Pallets based on material used. They are…

Plywood Pallet

The plywood pallet is an excellent load carrier for light-medium weight goods that need a strong and durable packaging solution.

Benefits and features of Plywood Pallets:
  • Absorbs less moisture, thus free from fungus / termite.
  • Lightweight reducing shipping cost.
  • Excellent finish, surface and looks.
  • Available in Custom sizes.
  • Compliant to international phytosanitary regulations for export shipping

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are manufactured using either softwood/pinewood or hardwood based on customers’ requirements. We offer wide range of designs and sizes for wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are mostly preferred for heavier products / unit load.

Benefits and features of Wooden Pallets:
  • Most suitable for warehouse / store.
  • Strong and durable
  • Suitable for multiple stacking or stacking on racks.
  • Withstand to heavy load during shipping as well as static.
  • Export Compliance - ISPM-15, Heat Treatment.
  • Can be designed for Returnable packaging - Heavy Duty.

Apart from above types, pallets can also be classified in to different types based on style, design, usage and mode of operations.