We manufacture and supply wide range of wooden packaging products, suitable for wide range of industries. Our products are fabricated using wood, plywood, OSB, metal,foam etc to suit the utility of packaging. Our comprehensive portfolio of wooden packaging product can be classified as below.

Returnable / Long term packaging: It’s a cost effective solution where a substantial amount of goods flow within limited points of distribution. Most of our returnable packaging is designed to be foldable / collapsible, to reduce return freight cost. Our offerings such as Pallet Collars, Clip Boxes, Collapsible plywood boxes and heavy duty pallets are most preferred options for industries looking for returnable packaging.

Non Returnable / Short term / Transport packaging: These are to safeguard packed products from shock, vibration and corrosion during transportation, and also designed for easy and secured handling of cargo. All our products can be used as transport packaging based on requirement and can be shipped all over the world, as they are export compliant.

Warehouse / In-house Packaging: Our offerings such as Pallet Collars are designed to improve warehouse efficiency by organised & well segregated storage of items, to improve warehouse space utilization by safe stacking and to occupy less idle space by being foldable / collapsible. These packaging can also be used for in-house movement of raw material / consumables / production inputs / finished products between warehouse and production line.