Nail-less/Foldable/Collapsible plywood box

Foldable /collapsible/Nailless plywood boxes is part of our unique offering. We offer wide range of foldable boxes in terms of sizes, strength and durability. These boxes are manufactured by using plywood and specially designed metal strip at edges. Metal edges provides extra reinforcement to plywood and act as strong hinges. These boxes are very easy and quick to assemble and dissemble, thus saving lot of cost in terms of shipping and store space.

Benefits and features of our foldable Boxes:
  • Suitable for wide range of applications, i.e., from light to heavy, hazardous, acid, sensitive
  • Low weight and less space save shipping costs.
  • Occupy less store space and easy to store and stack.
  • Metal edges of galvanized steel provides extra strength and durability
  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Compliance to international phytosanitary regulations for export consignments.
  • Custom sizes as per customers requirements.
  • Branding, printing, logo etc can be placed on box.
  • Customised accessories such as handles, hinges, latches can be fitted.
  • Compatible for UN hazardous packaging requirement.
  • Savings in return shipping cost as it is collapsible.

Types of Foldable Boxes

Semi Assembled / 3 Piece Type Fully dissembled / 6 Piece type
It can be collapased to three parts i.e., lid, foldable frame, bottom base. It can be collapsed to six part: lid, front , back 2 sides and bottom.
Application: This type is suitable for small to medium sized products Application: This type is suitable for large sized products