Pallet Collar

Pallet collar, a unique concept, which can be functionally classified as Returnable / long term packaging, Transport packaging, and Warehouse / in house packaging.

An Individual Pallet Collar is fabricated using 4 or 6 wooden boards and 4 or 6 specially designed metal hinges. Metal hinges hold the boards together, provides locking system during mounting, and facilitate collar to be collapsible / foldable. Pallet collars can mounted one over the other of required height making box type packaging, with regular pallet as base of appropriate size and type.

Following are features and benefits of Pallet Collar.

  • Pallet collar are easy to handle and quick to assemble.
  • Efficient packaging solutions for compact, bulky or friable products of different types,
  • High durability makes it long term, reusable and economic packaging concept.
  • A flexible construction saves considerable inventory space when not in use.
  • Collapsible / Foldable feature enables ease of transport and saves logistic cost.
  • Sturdy design store items safely at height in pallet racking.
  • Optimizes warehouse space through multi-level stacking.
  • Organise & streamline warehouse with partitioned collars.
  • Both standard and customised sizes are available.
  • Compliant to International Phytosanitary Standard i.e., ISPM 15 – HT.
  • Suitable for Branding, Stenciling, labelling and printing.

  • Collar Mounting – Height Adjustment

  • Corner Hinge – Locking System

  • Optimise -Inventory Space

  • Organised Warehouse – Partitioned Collar

  • 4 – Piece Collar

  • 6 – Piece Collar

  • Branding