One of the great things about anything that is created totally of wood, including wooden packaging, is that it is entirely recyclable and also environmentally safe.

A lot more ecologically conscious customers are selecting naturally degradable and recyclable goods over the ones that aren’t, with regards to packing and storing their possessions. Wooden packing can be used over and over again and lots of people discover that over the long run they can save money whenever they obtain crates and boxes made from wood.

At Bhagwan Packaging we take our commitment to the environment seriously. Our mission is to produce a product that responsibly uses our natural resources. We continuously strive to reduce environmental impact of packaging solutions.

  • We make best effort to use the renewable raw material and try our best to replace.
  • We ensure that non toxic and eco friendly chemicals are used for all our applications.
  • We spend our resources to develop returnable systems and consistently promote returnable solutions.
  • We make best efforts to use recyclable packing for our product and proper disposable of non recyclable and non degradable items.
  • We utilize nature’s resources as sparingly and efficiently as is technically possible and economically viable.
  • We also encourage our suppliers to act in the same manner.

In due course of developing packaging solutions, we strive to enable our customers to achieve the lowest possible total environmental impact, by focusing on the entire life cycle of a packaging.

We strive to find uses for waste materials. All our solid wood waste along with saw dust is recycled and also used for generation of heat and power.